The Tower of London, London, EC3N 4AB


Book our cheap Tower of London tickets for entry to one of Britain’s best-known historical attractions!

Discover over 1000 years of murder, mystery, deadly plots and intrigue that have played out inside the ancient stone walls of this world-famous landmark.

Some of the Tower’s most famous sights include:

The Crown Jewels

The dazzling Crown Jewels are comprised of a staggering 23,578 gems. The Tower of London is also home to the Cullinan and 105.6 Carat Koh-i-Noor diamonds. This breathtaking collection can be found in the Jewel House.


Officially known as “Yeoman Warders”, the entertaining Beefeaters have long been symbols of London and Britain. Join one of the free Beefeater Tours and discover tales of pain and passion, treachery and torture, all delivered with their inimitable style!

The Tower Ravens

The jet-black ravens are amongst the Tower of London’s most celebrated and famous sights. Legend dictates that “If the six ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.” That’s why the specially-appointed Raven Master ensures that at least seven ravens (the necessary six and one spare) are well-fed, happy and in no hurry to leave!

Line of Kings

The world’s longest running visitor attraction! Located on the entrance floor of the White Tower, see magnificent displays featuring arms and royal armour, life-sized wooden horses and figures of kings.

Royal Beasts

For more than 600 years, exotic animals were held captive here as part of the “Royal Menagerie”. Discover their story in an extraordinary interactive exhibit.

The White Tower

The iconic White Tower is one of the most important castle keeps in the world, designed and built to deter, awe and terrify foreign invaders and Londoners alike!

Prisoners Exhibition

This exciting new interactive display reveals the sorry tales of the many prisoners held captive at the Tower over the centuries.

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Tour type: Daily Tour
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Location: United Kingdom, London

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