BRACKETRON Universal Nav-Mat GPS Sat Nav Mount


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Don’t be distracted while driving with your GPS – use the Bracketron Universal Nav-Mat GPS Sat Nav Mount, a convenient and safe way of mounting your GPS in your car. This compact pillow-like dashboard mount is made of anti-skid material that prevents it from slipping off or sliding around the dashboard.If mounting your GPS unit on your windshield is not the best option for you, then the Bracketron Universal Nav-Mat Portable GPS Sat Nav Dash Mount is the answer. This mount has a body similar to that of a bean bag that allows it to adapt to any kind of curved or uneven surface. The mount can easily be installed, moved or removed to keep out of sight when you park your vehicle. You can also fix your other mobile devices like a phone, mp3 player or PDA onto this dash mount pillow with an additional cup mount (sold separately) to keep them in sight.Whether on the dashboard or windshield, keep your mobile bits secure and yourself focused and safe while driving when you use the Bracketron Universal Nav-Mat GPS Sat Nav Mountfor your GPS or mobile devices!

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